COVID19 Info — No Panic, Yes to Precautions!

For everyone’s safety, both DOIS2020 programming committee and our venues remain vigilant and are following recommendations made by the Ministry of Health & Family welfare in India & the World Health Organization. The Indian government is doing the best they can do, to test and quarantine those who show symptoms, strict screening at our borders, ports, airports. But for those already in the country, it will basically come down to good hygiene practices by each individual to reduce the risk of spreading.

In addition, we will ensure tissues and hand sanitizers, as well as face masks, are readily available for anyone wanting to err on the side of caution if until the time of the event COVID-19 still remains prevalent.
It’s in everyone’s best interest we/everyone takes the right measures; so there’s no need to worry, please register to join us and experience one of the best DevOps conference in Asia.