DevOps India Summit 2020

DevOps India Summit 2020 has been a great success! Every attendee must have had an amazing learning experience about DevSecOps – Security and Governance! This Summit also bestowed an incredibly good atmosphere for interaction and networking with top leaders. DOIS20 must have helped you with a holistic view of the DevSecOps framework to solve Risk Assessment, Governance, and Security Policy problems in DevSecOps through wonderful sessions contributed by worldwide leaders in this conference.

Well, glad to inform you that in case you couldn’t follow up with our DOIS20 learning sessions, we’re here with few offerings!

Key takeaways

  • Attendees and non-attendees can get free access to watch the 6 best session videos.
  • Attendees can get FREE access to all the sessions for 6 months.
  • For the rest of the videos, non-attendees can watch their preferred session videos available on Vimeo, on a chargeable basis by applying coupon codes.
  • Follow us on YouTube – DevOps India Summit to watch DOIS event videos.

Take the best of opportunity to watch the session videos to learn and upskill yourself for better career expansion!