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Achieving Engineering Excellence with a Data-Led Strategy

The following will be the agenda for the session:
1) Why do DORA metrics matter in engineering leadership?
2)Automated actionability on metrics is a game-changer in improving team
3) Propelo Product Demo

What to expect:
Engineering leaders will learn what are the right metrics and counter metrics to use to measure team contribution. Common bottlenecks that slow down teams and how to alleviate them.

Who should watch:
Engineering Leaders, DevOps Leaders, Scrum Masters

Speaker :
Mitzi Colbert
Mitzi is Director of Presales at Propelo. She is an expert in business and technology alignment, reporting and decision support systems design, and management of global, distributed Devops and SE teams. She has an in depth experience in planning, managing, and implementing software projec

Key Takeaways :

  • Why Metrics Matter in Engineering Leadership
    • Learn about the common inefficiencies that we have in today’s measures
    • Challenges moving to a Data Driven Engineering
  • Learn more about DORA metrics and how it is useful
  • 3 pillars of achieving Engineering Excellence
    • Alignment to Business Priorities
    • Planning of Scope and Estimates
    • Execution in terms of CI/CD Failures
  • How Propelo helps in managing these areas
  • Demo of the Product


June 30, 2022
7:00 pm
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