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Women in Technology with focus on DevSecOps

We had a super-interesting panel discussion conducted on International Women’s Day, March 8 as we organised an elite panel of Indian women leaders. The topic of discussion was “Women in Technology with focus on DevSecOps.” The speakers included: Mansi Thapar, Pooja Agrawalla, and Sujatha Yakasiri. The Panel was moderated by Padma Satyamurthy. The panel discussed on their journey in their career, being in Technology and their current role; their challenges, their achievements and much more!


  • Mansi Thapar is the IT Leader, Head Information Security. She is a strategic planner and thinker in all verticals of IT, be it SDLC, information security, programme management, operations, business processes, business excellence, or analytics.
  •  Pooja Agrawalla is the Sr. Product Manager – Identity & Access Management (Cyber Security). She is a noted speaker in multiple technology and Cybersecurity forums, and an evangelist for women in cybersecurity.
  • Sujatha Yakasiri is the Sr. Computer Scientist – Product Security, EdgeVerve. She is a well experienced cyber security professional, speaker, and mentor.
  • Padma Satyamurthy is the Enterprise Transformation Leader, Walmart Labs. She has been deeply engaged in large complex transformation through driving changes in culture, people, technology, and capabilities as well as operating models.



  • What is that any one element that is most inspiring for you in your work that makes you get back to your work?
  • When did you realize that made you a woman in technology and thrive in this space?
  • What does security really mean to you, specifically in your industry?
  • What are the different challenges to information security?
  • What in your opinion, as a leader in this space are your top three challenges that you’re facing right now? Any tips to manage this challenge on building cyber resilience?
  • What are your challenges, your recommendations, given how vulnerable we are growing with the technology?
  • What do you visualize the future, with so much digitalisation going around?
  • Views on AI expanding its horizon drastically
  • What are your key takeaway for the upcoming generation of leaders in the technology space?