DevOps India Summit 2020

DevSecOps – Security and Governance in DevOps

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During this challenging time of Covid-19, DevOps India Summit is coming virtual this year. Considering the unprecedented situation we are offering free registration for the Event.DOIS20 Conference is committed to bring together
leading experts of DevSecOps sharing their knowledge with you all. Learn the best practices of building security and governance in IT software systems.

Why DOIS20?

Join the leaders of DevSecOps from around the globe for one day of virtual learning to unveil the evolving trends and tools in Security. Unfold the innovations & transformations on security that these leaders are driving in their large organizations
by adopting DevSecOps.Exchange your insights with top practitioners and experts in DevSecOps who will share their real-time experience that works.
Free Access Details for all Registered Attendees:

  • Full Event Sessions
  • Keynotes
  • Expo Halls & Auditorium
  • Listen to 36 expert speakers from Around the Globe
  • Chat and Interact with Peers

  • Q & A Sessions with Speakers
  • Session Recordings for 90 days
  • Ask The Experts
  • Participate in Contests & Win Prizes
  • Real-time Interactive Experience

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The First Confirmed Speakers of DOIS20

Mark Miller Keynote Speaker
Mark Miller
Keynote Speaker Senior Storyteller and DevOps Advocate at Sonatype

Alan Shimel Keynote Speaker
Alan Shimel
Keynote Speaker Founder & CEO, MediaOps

Mirco Hering Keynote Speaker
Mirco Hering
Keynote Speaker Global DevOps practice lead at Accenture, Australia

Piotr Lewandowski
Piotr Lewandowski
Keynote Speaker Senior Staff Site Reliability Engineer, Google Cloud

Hasan Yasar
Technical Director at Software Engineering Institute

Dr. Niladri Choudhuri
Dr. Niladri Choudhuri
Founder, CEO at Xellentro

Vandana Verma
Vandana Verma
Global Board of Directors, OWASP Foundation

Dheeraj Nayal
Dheeraj Nayal
Global Community Ambassador at DevOps Institute

Sanjeev Sharma
Sanjeev Sharma
Author at DevOps Adoption Playbook

Bhuvaneswari Subramani
Bhuvaneswari Subramani
Director, Engineering Operations @ Infor

Rosalind Radcliffe
Rosalind Radcliffe
Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect for DevOps for Enterprise Systems

Marc Hornbeek
Marc Hornbeek
CEO at Engineering DevOps Consulting

Biswajit Mohapatra
Biswajit Mohapatra
Executive Director, Global Delivery Leader – Cloud Transformation, IBM

Suman Chakraborty
Suman Chakraborty
Senior DevOps Engineer, SAP Labs

Yury Nini Roa
Yury Nini Roa
Site Reliability Engineer, Solutions Architect and Chaos Engineering Advocate, ADL

Nivarti Jayaram
Nivarti Jayaram
Vice President, Head of Transformation, Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

Garima Bajpai
Garima Bajpai
Executive Board Member, Capital Carbon Consulting

Santanoo Bhattacharjee
Santanoo Bhattacharjee
Solutions Expert, Hybrid Cloud & DevSecOps Advisory for Financial Services, EY

Himabindu Vejella
Himabindu Vejella
Sr Manager- Software Engineering, OpenText

Kedar Kulkarni
Kedar Kulkarni
Lead Consultant- Cloud DevOps, Infosys Ltd

Manjula Vasudeva
Senior Technology Architect, Infosys Limited

Ramesh Pasapula
Assistant Vice President, Wells Fargo

Sailaja Vadlamudi
Director Security and Data Privacy, WiCSP – Founder

Jorge Luis Castro Toribio
DevOps Program Manager and Agile Coach, Everis; Ambassador, DevOps Institute

Runcy Oommen
Principal Software Dev Engineer, SonicWall Inc.

BMK Lakshminarayanan
Solutions Architect, Bank of New Zealand, CNCF Ambassador, DOI Ambassador

Marudhamaran Gunasekaran
Senior Security Consultant, Devon

Mohammed Siyam
Mohammed Siyam
Senior Security Architect, DevOn

Senthil Kumar Shanmugam
Senior Technology Architect, Infosys Limited

Ankit Gupta
Ankit Gupta
Chapter Lead DevOps Tooling, Spark New Zealand

Rajalakshmi Srinivasan
Rajalakshmi Srinivasan
Director- Product Management, Zoho Corporation

Sujay Solomon
Sujay Solomon
Chief Z DevOps Advocate, Broadcom Inc.

Nagaraju Kakarla
Nagaraju Kakarla
Senior Director, Chapter Leader- Enterprise Cloud Computing, Fidelity Investments

Navya Dwarakanath
Navya Dwarakanath
Senior Solutions Engineer, Catchpoint Systems

Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar
Senior Solutions Engineer, Catchpoint Systems

Nithyanand Mehta
Nithyanand Mehta
Executive Vice President, Technical Services & GM India, Catchpoint

Giriraj Rajawat
Giriraj Rajawat
Technical Solutions Architect, NGINX, Inc.

Rachana Vishwanathula
Rachana Vishwanathula
Developer Advocate, IBM India

Saurav Raiguru
Saurav Raiguru
Developer Advocate, IBM India

Divya Vaishnavi
Divya Vaishnavi
Director Product, Github

Archana joshi
Archana joshi
Global Head-Engineering Transformation, L&T Infotech Ltd.

Manav Tyagi
Manav Tyagi
Technical Account Director – APAC, Digital.ai

Stay Tuned To Stay Updated for More Upcoming Speakers

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What to Expect Virtually

What does the DevOps India Summit 2020 have in store for you


Meet the stalwarts of DevOps and DevSecOps from various parts of the world along with the business leaders from India and abroad in a day of mesmerizing learning experience where they’ll come together virtually.


Dedicated industry thought leaders will approach to motivate, inspire and teach our industry through a virtual medium. It also gives the leaders to come across like-minded leaders from various business domains who are engaged in such revolutions using
DevSecOps and share knowledge.


Learn from the experience of the leaders on how they have been leading the transformations and helping drive large, trending DevSecOps initiatives by adapting its practices and fostering innovation to ensure ideal data security and governance in DevOps!


Exchange virtual insights with some of the best practitioners and SMEs in DevOps and DevSecOps from India and abroad who are pioneering the practices and methods that work.


Auditoriums, expo halls, individual trade booths, chat rooms, breakouts, and more are available, providing real-time interaction with attendees. Dozens of leading organizations in the industry will be featured in the expo hall.


The virtual summit offers distinct types of programming, practices, and collaboration to ensure the time our attendees and sponsors invest is both worthy of time and equally valuable as the in-person event.

Two Levels of Sponsorship Available

Sponsorship Package – $25k
  • Virtual Booth
  • Prominent signage and mention on all event promotions
  • 25-minute speaking slot (preapproval of content)
  • 1,500 lead guarantee

Sponsorship Package –$10k
  • Virtual Booth
  • Speaking/ Panel participation
  • Registration info from your panel and booth interactions
  • 500 lead guarantee

For sponsorship opportunities, contact niladric@xellentro.com
or deb@devops.com

Event Agenda

8:00 AM

  • Topic: Trust, Reliability & Governance- Three Pillars of DevSecOps
  • Speaker Name: Garima Bajpai
  • Location: Ottawa

08:26 AM IST

  • Topic: Enterprise approach for implementing DevSecOps
  • Speaker Name: Ankit Gupta
  • Location: NewZealand

09:02 AM IST

  • Topic: Building Continous security ways of working – Overcoming the challenge of security testing adoption through Lean Canvas Design
  • Speaker Name: Jorge Luis Castro Toribio
  • Location: Peru

09:35 AM IST

  • Topic: Best Practices implemented natively to secure kubernetes cluster
  • Speaker Name: Suman Chakraborty
  • Location: India

10:06 AM IST

  • Topic: Intelligence Risk and Compliance Management Solution for Multi Cloud Environment
  • Speaker Name: Senthil Kumar Shanmugam
  • Location: India

10:37 AM IST

  • Topic: Essence of Security into DevOps Value Stream
  • Speaker Name: Santanoo Bhattacharjee
  • Location: India

11:09 AM IST

  • Topic: DevSecOps : Paving the way for Digital Reinvention
  • Speaker Name: Biswajit Mohapatra
  • Location: India

11:36 AM IST

  • Topic: Embracing Security in DevOps in-light of AWS
  • Speaker Name: Bhuvaneswari Subramani
  • Location: India

12:02 AM IST

  • Topic: Digital Forensics- Adversary to Opportunities
  • Speaker Name: Himabindu vejella
  • Location: India

12:27 PM IST

  • Topic: Security for Cloud Native Workloads
  • Speaker Name: Runcy Oommen
  • Location: India

12:58 PM IST

  • Topic: Build Security In- Significance of Threat Modelling in building a DevSecOps culture.
  • Speaker Name: Nivarti Jayaram
  • Location: India

01:17 PM IST


01:47 PM IST

  • Topic: Application Modernization : A DevSecOps approach
  • Speaker Name: Manjula Patil + Kedar Kulkarni
  • Location: India

02:21 PM IST

  • Topic: DevOps is Right, DevSecOps is Left, Risk & Governance in the Middle
  • Speaker Name: BMK Lakshminarayan
  • Location: NewZealand

02:55 PM IST

  • Topic: Accelerating the Secure DevOps hybrid skills in the new normal
  • Speaker Name: Dheeraj Nayal
  • Location: India

03:23 PM IST

  • Topic: Security Compliance By Design and Default
  • Speaker Name: Sailaja Vadlamudi
  • Location: India

03:43 PM IST

  • Topic: Assuring Compliance in Dev SecOps
  • Speaker Name: Marudhamaran Gunasekaran and Mohammed Siyam
  • Location: India

04:21 PM IST

  • Topic: DevSecOps as Part of Digital Transformation
  • Speaker Name: Nagaraju Kakarla
  • Location: India

04:51 PM IST

  • Topic: Grading the security of your CI/CD Pipeline
  • Speaker Name: Ramesh Pasapula
  • Location: India

05:18 PM IST

  • Topic: Security Chaos Engineering- Cyberattacks are a new challenge for Chaos Engineering
  • Speaker Name: Yury Nino Roa
  • Location: Colombia

08:00 AM IST

  • Topic: Making the case for DevSecOps
  • Speaker Name: KEYNOTE 1/ MARK MILLER
  • Location: New York

08:38 AM IST

  • Topic: Bulletproofing the monitoring leg of DevSecOps with End User Monitoring
  • Speaker Name: Navya Dwarakanath + Ankit Kumar
  • Location: India + USA

09:01 AM IST

  • Topic: How to secure container images and leverage Kubernetes native CI/CD pipelines in the DevOps world
  • Speaker Name: Rachana Vishwanathula + Saurav Rajguru
  • Location: India

09:30 AM IST

  • Topic: Lessons we learned at Google that allowed us to build and maintain secure and reliable systems
  • Location: Zurich

09:34 AM IST

  • Topic: Continous Security Maturity Assessment
  • Speaker Name: Marc Hornbeek
  • Location: Puerto Vallarta

10:00 AM IST

  • Topic: Agile application delivery with NGINX
  • Speaker Name: Giriraj Rajawat
  • Location: India

10:35 AM IST

  • Topic: Implementing DevSecops from my experience of large organizations and providing Tips & Tricks on how to approach it
  • Speaker Name: KEYNOTE 2/ MIRCO HERING
  • Location: Melbourne

11:07 AM IST

  • Topic: Lessons we learned at Google that allowed us to build and maintain secure and reliable systems
  • Location: Zurich

11:38 AM IST

  • Topic: SREs are responsible for Reliability- System is reliable only when it is secure too
  • Speaker Name: Dr Niladri Choudhuri
  • Location: India

12:14 PM IST

  • Topic: Enhancing digital end-user experience with secure websites
  • Speaker Name: Rajalakshmi Srinivasan
  • Location: India

12:45 PM IST

  • Topic: Kickstarting DevSeCOps with OpenSource Tools
  • Speaker Name: Vandana Verma
  • Location: India

01:19 PM IST

  • Topic: Stopping Vulnerabilities at the source
  • Speaker Name: Divya Vaishnavi
  • Location: India

01:43 PM IST


02:13 PM IST

  • Topic: Baking Security in the Value Stream- Delivering Secure Apps
  • Speaker Name: Manav Tyagi
  • Location: India

02:50 PM IST

  • Topic: Security in Product Aligned IT
  • Speaker Name: Archana Joshi
  • Location: India

03:18 PM IST

  • Topic: Understanding the nuances behind the buzz words – Devops, Devsecops & Observability
  • Speaker Name: Nithyanand Mehta
  • Location: India

03:44 PM IST

  • Topic: DevSecOps: Policy as Code for Mainframe
  • Speaker Name: Sujay Solomon
  • Location: Pittsburgh

04:20 PM IST

  • Topic: DevOps, Cloud and the democratization of Security
  • Speaker Name: Sanjeev Sharma
  • Location: Washington DC

04:53 PM IST

  • Topic: 5 common challenges to implement DevSecOps successfully
  • Speaker Name: Hasan Yasar
  • Location: Pittsburgh

05:29 PM IST

  • Topic: DevSecOps and your system of record
  • Speaker Name: Rosalind Radcliffe
  • Location: North Carolina

05:59 PM IST

  • Topic: DevSecOps: The New Normal
  • Speaker Name: KEYNOTE 4/ ALAN SHIMEL
  • Location: Florida